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Traders helping traders find their way in the world of forex. Learn more about us.

“I had no clue where to start, especially being Canadian, and really didn’t have any viable guidance when looking for a broker.”

-Matt Simpson, Founder

A little about us and what we do. Forex Solutions was created based on the sole purpose to help aspiring traders get started the right way. We provide reliable and research-backed information about all the brokers and resources you will need to start your trading journey. Join us and start making the money you’ve always dreamed of.

Forex Solutions is run by one individual and is not a public corporation. This site is simply an affiliate marketing platform where I, as a seasoned investor, university economics student, and financial market enthusiast, share basic information about trading forex, as well as other financial instruments. My goal is to help as many new traders avoid getting stuck in a cycle of trying different things and giving up when it gets hard, while getting all this clickbait information thrown at you. These people simply flaunt their wealth and make trading/investing out to be something it truly is not, easy. Truth is, this stuff is simple, but not easy. The basic premise of these markets makes complete logical sense and the concepts are fairly simple. However, the process of starting this stuff is not easy at all. You first are faced with too many options with brokers, tools, and resources that overcomplicate things. Again, my goal is to simplify these concepts and give you a wide range, yet meticulously selected group of brokers which I recommend to others. I make money by referring traders to these platforms and growing these brokers client bases. I am not I financial advisor and this is not financial advice.