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Full VT Markets Review

By: Matt Simpson, Forex Solutions Founder

VT Markets leverages over 10 years of experience in global financial markets to provide easy, transparent access to the tools needed for financial freedom. Based in Sydney, Australia, and operating as a subsidiary of Vantage International Group Limited, it has proven to be a regulated and secure trading broker.

In this VT Markets review, I will help you decide whether or not this broker is right for you.

Quick Summary:
  • Regulation: CIMA, ASIC
  • Founded: 2016
  • Min. Deposit: $200
  • Tradable Assets: 129 tradable CFDs
  • Trading Platform: Web Platform, Windows, MT4 (IOS, Android)
  • Demo Account: Yes

What Instruments Can Be Traded?


While VT Markets does not offer some notable, fancy trading instruments, they specialize in CFDs (Contract For Difference). These instruments are used by betting on the direction of the exchange rate for two assets. For example, if I think that the exchange rate between USD and CAD will rise (meaning USD appreciates compared to the CAD), I will buy trades for USD/CAD and then sell when it does go up.


Currently available for trading with VT Markets, are 40+ currency pairs. These range from popular currency pairs like USD/CAD and EUR/GBP to lesser known pairs like NZD/CHF and AUD/JPY. With up to 500:1 leverage, spreads as low as 0.0, and easy integration with MetaTrader 4, traders can exploit the volatility of these global markets from anywhere.


Also tradable with VT Markets, are CFDs on 10 of the most liquid stock indices. They provide up to 200:1 leverage on these assets along with lightning fast execution speeds. This is due to their unique oneZero MT4 Bridge and fibre optic network. Trade popular indices such as SP500, NAS100, and US2000.


If you want to build off of your own portfolio as opposed to simply trading Index CFDs, VT Markets offers a variety of top performing stocks from the US and Hong Kong. Some of these include Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon in the US and CCB and AIA in Hong Kong. There are currently over 50 US shares and 9 Hong Kong shares. These CFDs can be traded with up to 20:1 leverage and a minimum of $6 per share traded.


Unique about VT Markets offering is the introduction of energy markets to their list of tradable products. Trade CFDs on Oil, Gasoline, Natural Gas, and 3 others, with up to 500:1 leverage and minimum 0.01 lots volume.


In addition to various energy markets, commodities can be traded through CFDs with VT Markets. For instance, precious metals like gold and silver, as well as soft commodities like coffee, cocoa, and sugar are available with this broker.

Tools and Resources


Trading Platform

VT Markets offers a unique web platform, as well as a Windows desktop platform, although their main trading method is through the MetaTrader 4 mobile app. Their seamless integration with this popular mobile trading software created by MetaQuotes allows traders to trade any time, any place, with fast execution and secure transactions.


VT Markets is the only forex broker using MetaQuotes trading ecosystem to build their entire MT4 offering, which avoids external solutions that can be slow and unreliable. This platform is accessible through any web browser window and does not require any downloads. This gives traders easy and reliable access to their trading accounts through MetaTrader 4 online. In terms of mobile trading, the entirety of the MetaTrader 4 mobile app is at your fingertips. Seamless integration gives traders easy access to these volatile markets.

Charting Tools 

MetaTrader 4 is known as the most popular mobile forex trading platform and is widely used worldwide. It’s smooth charting, customizability, many indicators and charting tools, as well as its seamless integration with most brokers make MT4 live up to the hype; and thats why VT Markets relies solely on its integration with the industry benchmark and all it has to offer to its mobile traders. You have access to literally thousands of options to customize your charts to your unique trading style and spot those trends. Popular tools like moving averages, stochastic indicators, volumes, fibonacci retracements and many more are free to use.

Demo Accounts 

VT Markets gives traders a chance to get practice with these fast-paced markets before investing real money, which could be lost quickly if traders don’t know what they’re doing. They do this by providing a demo account with simulated money to trade on the live markets. You will have access to all of the tools VT Markets has to offer with absolutely no risk and with no upfront investment. Sign up for one here.

Research and Support 

VT Markets does not provide as much research tools as I had hoped but they do have very good trading support and education. Free on there website are extensive yet beginner friendly guides about forex, how to trade, how to use various tools, info about strategies and trends, etc. Additionally, they provide short, but detailed news reports that are relevant to the markets you can trade with. They provide these news updates daily and post occasional market analysis reports. Although they do provide various forms of support and education to new traders, they do not provide extensive reports and analysis which experienced traders would be accustomed to.

Deposits and Withdrawals



Various deposit options are available including credit card, Neteller, Skrill, wire transfer, and China Union Pay. This makes funding your account and starting to trade very easy and stress free. The minimum deposit is $200 but if you want to receive a free $250 trading credit, you must deposit minimum $500.


Similar to deposits, withdrawals can be made through credit card, Neteller, Skrill, wire transfer, and China Union Pay. This means any profits you make can easily be withdrawn from your trading account at any time.


Country Restrictions


Countries NOT Accepted 

Due to local restrictions and regulatory policies, VT Markets is not available for traders from Afghanistan, Albania, Belarus, Bermuda, Bosnia And Herzegovina, Central African Republic, and Crimea. Also, Cuba, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea), Democratic Republic of the Congo. Furthermore, Egypt, Eritrea, Former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, and Guinea-Bissau. Additionally, Iran, Iraq, ISIL (Da’esh) and Al-Qaida, Japan, Lebanon, Libya, Montenegro, Myanmar, New Zealand, Russia, Serbia, and Sevastopol. Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, The United States, Tunisia, Ukraine, Yemen, and Zimbabwe.

Accepted Countries 

VT Markets welcomes traders from many countries including, but not limited to, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Norway. Also, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Ireland, and United Arab Emirates, Finland, Singapore, Spain, Italy, Portugal, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and Cyprus. In summary, any traders from countries not on the list above will be accepted.

General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose

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